Karcher BR 45/10 Esc - Escalator And Stair Cleaners

BR 45/10 Esc Product Info

The BR 45/10 escalator cleaner is designed for fast and effective dry cleaning of all types of escalators and travelators while they are moving. The machine features two rotating motor driven roller brushes which clean the full width of the escalator or travelator and high suction power to prevent dust from escaping. With a steel chassis and stainless steel pick-up tank the BR 45/10 Esc is extremely robust, and its compact dimensions and lightweight body make it easy to store and manoeuvre. Once cleaned the escalator is ready for operation again in a very short period.

Other features include automatic brush head adjustment to suit the cleaning application, a simple and fast brush replacement system , smooth running castors for excellent maneuverability and a foot operated parking brake for safety and ease of use.

Standard accessories:

Cleaning brushes (Soft) & Paper filter bag

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