Karcher B 90 R / Adv Dose - Bd Range Scrubber Driers

B 90 R / Adv Dose Product Info

The B 90 R range from KÄRCHER brings a new level of flexibility and value to ride-on scrubber driers. As well as several improvements over the BR and BD Trike machines the range replaces, the B 90 R features KÄRCHER's new interchangeable brush head system which makes it possible for a user to purchase one machine and choose between roller or disc brushes in different working widths, with the option of retro-fitting a different brush head to better suit another application.

The B 90 R is available with a brush disc or roller head in either 65cm or 75 cm widths. As well as four head options, the machine is available in two formats - the classic model offering fixed settings for ease of use, and the Advanced model featuring KÄRCHER's DOSE detergent metering system and variable suction, brush speed and contact pressure.

Key Features and Benefits:

- Option to retro-fit a different cleaning head,

- 90 litre detergent/waste tank,

- 65 or 75 cm working width,

- Short wheelbase for great manoeuvrability,

- Simple controls,

- Variety of pad and brush options

The new models' designations demonstrate the type of brush head fitted as standard to that machine, for example a B 90 R with a D 75 disc brush head (75 cm wide) is called BD 75/90 R.

Standard accessories:

For information on our range of standard and optional

accessories please contact our customer service team on 01295 752082.

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