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BV 5/1 Product Info

KÄRCHER's new BV 5/1 is a lightweight and powerful backpack vacuum designed for daily and deep cleaning. It is ideal for cleaning hard to reach, fast turnaround areas such as public transport, offices, cinemas, theatres and stairwells. Choosing a KÄRCHER BV 5/1 vacuum can dramatically increase productivity in these cleanliness critical areas. The machine features a 5 litre capacity and a single, powerful vacuum motor.<br>
Key Features and Benefits:<br>
-Patented Air Stream comfort strap system <br>
-Extra tool storage on the waist strap  <br>
-Washable main filter basket allows machine to operate with or without a filter bag <br>
-Standard fleece filter bag offers exceptional dust filtration <br>

-A wide range of optional accessories<br>
Standard accessories:
1.5m Suction hose with bend,<br>
Telescopic tube,<br>
270mm Floor tool,<br>

Crevice tool,<br>
120mm Upholstery tool,<br>
Fleece filter bag,<br>
Motor protection filter,<br>
Permanent main filter basket

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