Karcher CV 85/2 RS Bp - Cv Range

CV 85/2 RS Bp Product Info

The CV 85/2 RS Bp is a large wide area vacuum that forms part of Kärcher's new battery operated RS series of Floorcare machines. Designed to clean carpets quickly and thoroughly, it comes with a number of benefits including a step-on platform for excellent manoeuvrability and operator comfort, easy operation and long running times which deliver perfect cleaning results every time.

This wide area vacuum combines the manoeuvrability of walk-behind machines and the speed of ride-on models offering the user a great view of the area to be cleaned.

Other features of this unit include a small turning circle ideal for aisles and corridors, a floating brush system that provides consistent suction even on uneven floors, convenient storage for additional bags in the front cover and counter-rotating roller brushes that clean the carpet from both sides in 1 step. Ideal for Contract Cleaners, Logistics & Healthcare Industries, Hotels & Supermarkets, Airports & Offices.

Standard accessories:
Paper filter bag (10pcs)

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