Karcher NT 35/1 Eco BS - Nt Range

NT 35/1 Eco BS Product Info

The KÄRCHER NT 35/1 Eco BS is a powerful and extremely robust 35 litre all-purpose vacuum cleaner designed specifically for use in the baking industry. Equipped with KÄRCHER's unique and highly efficient TACT (Triggered Air-draft Cleaning Technology) automatic filter cleaning system, it will pick up large quantities of fine dust whilst maintaining constantly high suction power. The innovative TACT system sets new standards in filter cleaning efficiency, increasing user productivity by automatically back-flushing the filter every 15 seconds, reducing service time and frequency of filter and bag cleaning/changes.

With an anti-static system as standard and two optional tool kits - baking oven (specifically for ovens in bakeries) and baker's (for general use in bakeries and baker's shops) the NT 35/1 Eco BS prevents build-up of static electricity, making it safe to use in areas where build ups of dust can cause explosions.

Standard accessories:
PES-flat pleated filter

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