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Karcher Centralised Systems

Centralized high-pressure supply from Karcher for meticulous cleanliness on all levels. All components system matched and purpose built for specific cleaning tasks. Effecient because it saves time, space and energy. Dependability assured by advanced engineering backed by decades of experience.

Clean the modern way with a superior principle.

The Karcher centralized high pressure cleaning system comprises:

  • A compact high pressure unit located at a central position in the company.
  • Central or decentral tanks for cleaning chemicals and disinfectants.
  • The pipework to the individual tapping points.
  • Easy to use tapping points at each workplace.
  • Job matched cleaning tools.
  • Facilities for heating water, water softening and - where possible and necessary - recycling water.
Centralised Systems

The environmentally acceptable way of cleaning the interiors of tanks - another Karcher speciality.

Karcher also supplies the answer to the problem of cleaning tanks, drums and containers. It is both economical and environmentally compatible. The heart of this stationary or mobile plant is a rotary cleaning head whose nozzles rotate in a three dimensional pattern. They are driven by an electric motor or pneumatically. The solid pencil jets reach every corner of the container. A program control is used for the fully automatic washing process.

Instant cleanliness

Water is always available at exactly the right pressure, up to 120 bar, and temperature for the job in hand in all those areas where regular cleaning and disinfection have to be performed. Cleaning chemical is also fed as required. This is made possible by quick action couplings at wall tapping points which are as easy to use as power or compressed air sockets.