Karcher BDP 55/1900 - Polishers

BDP 55/1900 Product Info

Kärcher's new range of ultra high speed polishers is championed with the BDP 55-1900. A 1900 RPM battery polisher for cable-free buffing and polishing of all highgloss floor surfaces ideal for daytime cleaning. Unlike conventional polishers the BDP 55-1900 is not

operated in the pendulumn motion, with large traction driven wheels the machine stays stable and straight. This ensures even area coverage and also gives the ability to polish right to the edge of walls and other obstacles.The BDP 55-1900 is equipped with an on-board charger, meaning it can be plugged into any

suitable power point. Battery run times are up to 2 hours per charge. The polishing head can be raised to a vertical position to both aid storage and allow for polishing pad replacement. The polishing head is also equipped with an adjustable castor to vary the contact pressure.

Standard accessories:

Traction drive, Battery and charger, Adjustable contact pressure, Drive board with centerlock

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